Benefits of Using Our Dog Walking/Exercising Service

Provides regular exercise & stimulation:
Regular exercise helps to promote good physical and mental health. Just like in humans, our companions need regular daily exercise as well.

To give your dog a mid-day bathroom break:
Daily mid-day visits for puppies will help maintain a consistent housebreaking schedule and speed up the housetraining process. Crate trained puppies need to get out every 3 – 4 hours for proper training and socialization. Over-crating and under exercising can result in a hyperactive, under-socialized dog and daily walks will help to ensure a properly house broken/house trained pet. Elderly and adult dogs need bathroom breaks too. It is recommended that adult dogs have an opportunity to relieve themselves every 5-6hours and senior dogs may not be able to go as long anymore and will also benefit from a bathroom break.

Provides you with help when you are unable to be home or for times you you have a busy schedule:
We are here to lend you a helping hand when you have a busy schedule and to leave you guilt-free (not worrying about leaving your dog inside and/or in the crate all day.)

A well exercised dog is also a well behaved dog:
When you get home your dog will be calmer, more relaxed than if (s)he had not had a mid-day exercise walking session
Both you and your dogs will benefit from our Dog Walking Service & your dog(s) will be very grateful to have a regular visitor just for them!

All of our Mid Day Visits Include the Following:

  • Dog Walking and/or playtime (you choose)
  • Love and one-on-one attention
  • Cleaning up after your pet
  • Feeding if needed
  • Providing fresh water
  • Reinforcing Commands
  • Daily notes/updates on how your pet did at each visit

** Don’t forget to call us for your cat or small animal care when you’re going away **